Hot Topics 3 - Cheryl Pavlik

Название: Hot Topics 3.

Автор: Cheryl Pavlik.


Hot Topics 3 is different from other reading and discussion texts because it dares to deal with demanding subjects such as crime and religion. These topics have not been chosen to shock students, but merely to give them a chance to talk about matters that people discuss every day in their first languages. That said, not every topic will be appropriate for every classroom. Some themes such as the disabled will probably be acceptable in any classroom. Others such as mental illness or prostitution might prove problematic in some teaching situations. To assist, each chapter in the Brief Contents is rated by the amount of controversy it is likely to cause. Of course, teachers should read the articles in each chapter carefully and decide if their students would feel comfortable having a discussion on a particular topic. Another way to determine which chapters to use in class might be to have students look through the book and then vote
on specific topics they are interested in reading and discussing. And finally, even though the chapters at the beginning of each book are generally easier than the chapters at the end, the text has been designed so that chapters can be omitted entirely or covered in a different order.

Hot Topics 3 - Cheryl Pavlik

Each level of Hot Topics consists of 14 chapters. The readings in Hot Topics are crafted to present students with challenging reading material including some vocabulary that one might not expect to find in a pre-college text. The reason for this is twofold. First, it is almost impossible to deal with these "hot" topics in a meaningful way without more sophisticated vocabulary. Second, and more importantly, it is ineffective to teach reading strategies using materials that provide no challenge. In the same way that one would not use a hammer to push in a thumbtack, readers do not need reading strategies when the meaning of a text is evident. Reading strategies are best learned when one has to employ them to aid comprehension.

Hot Topics 3
Brief Contents

Contents iv
To the Teacher vii
Acknowledgments xi
Photo Credits xii
Chapter 1 The Cruelty of Strangers: Who can you trust? 1
Chapter 2 Crime and Punishment: Justice for all? 14
Chapter 3 Fertility Now: Babies by design 28
Chapter 4 Gambling: Wanna bet? 43
Chapter 5 The Disabled: Handicapped? Not us! 54
Chapter 6 Marriage: Why marry just one? 67
Chapter 7 Prostitution: Looking for a good time? 79
Chapter 8 Education: Is everyone cheating? 91
Chapter 9 Gender: Are women weak? Are men necessary? 105
Chapter 10 Immigration: Is it time to shut the door? 119
Chapter 11 Business: Globalization or cultural imperialism? 133
Chapter 12 Sex Education: How much do we need to know? 148
Chapter 13 Cults: Path to God or somewhere else? 162
Chapter 14 Strange Brains: Unlocking the secrets 178
Appendix CNN Video Activities 191

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