Clear Speech - Student s Book - Judy B. Gilbert

Название: Clear Speech - Student's Book.

Автор: Judy B. Gilbert.


    A revised and expanded version of the highly successful and innovative pronunciation text for intermediate to high-intermediate students of North American English. The Clear Speech, Third Edition, Student's Book provides learners with visual representations of important pronunciation features, such as voicing and syllable length. It features a reordered table of contents, a greater emphasis on listening recognition, and more coverage of vowel sounds. It also contains a Student Audio CD, so students can practice many of the exercises on their own.
Clear Speech is a highly successful and innovative pronunciation text for intermediate to high-intermediate students of English. It focuses on those features of English pronunciation that contribute the most to intelligibility – rhythm, stress, and intonation – as well as on individual speech sounds that carry important grammatical meaning, such as the plural “s” for English nouns and past tense “d” for verbs.

Clear Speech - Student's Book - Judy B. Gilbert

    This book is designed ro help you make the most efficient use of your time as you learn to pronounce English better.
You probably want to learn how to pronounce the sounds of English more clearly. I think the most useful way to practice these sounds is by practicing the rhythm and melody of spoken English.
We all learn about the rhythm and melody of our own language when, as babies, we first begin to listen to others speak. Later, when we begin learning a new language, we automatically transfer this rhythm to the new language we are learning. But speaking a new language with the wrong rhythm makes it hard to say the sounds clearly, no matter how much you practice them. In fact, the more you practice with the wrong rhythm, the more your mistakes become fixed. A more efficient way to learn to speak clearly in English is to practice short sentences until you can say them easily, with the right rhythm and melody - the right "music." This will help make the sounds perfect.
This book will help you to speak more clearly and will also help you to understand what others arc saying to you. You will learn, for example, what parts of a sentence are most important and how to help your listener hear those important parts. You will also learn ways to guess the pronunciation of a written word, even if you have never heard it pronounced before. All of this will enable you to communicate more easily and more clearly in English.
I hope that you enjoy learning with Clear Speech.
Judy B. Gilbert

Plan of the book
Acknowledgments viii
Letter to the student /X
Letter to the teacher X
Clear listening test xiii
Clear speaking test xvii
Key to sound symbols xviii
Unit 1 Syllables 2
Vowels and Word Stress
Unit 2 Vowels and vowel rules 10
Unit 3 Word stress and vowel length 18
Unit 4 Word stress and vowel clarity 25
Unit 5 Word stress patterns 34
Sentence Focus
Uillt 8 Sentence focus: Emphasizing content words 44
Unit 7 Sentence focus: De-emphasizing structure words 50
Unit 8 Choosing the focus word 59
Unit 9 Emphasizing structure words 69
Unit 10 Continuants and stops: /s/ and /t/ 76
Unit 11 Continuants and stops:/r/and/d/,/1/and/d/ 84
Unit 12 Voicing 97
Unit 13 Voicing and syllable length 109
Unit 14 Sibilants 119
Thought Groups
Unit 15 Thought groups 129
A Parts of the mouth 139
1 Tongue shapes for /s/ and /z/, /t/ and /d/, /r/, /1/, /6/ and /5/ 140
С More consonant work 142
Part 1 /r/ and III
Part 2 /n/and/1/
Part 3 /v/ and /w/
Part 4 /v/ and /b/
Part 5 /f/ and /p/
Part 6 /6/ and /t/
Part 7 Silent -t- and reduced -t-
Part 8 Aspiration
Part 9 Practice with linking
D Advanced tasks 163
Part 1 Word stress
Part 2 Sentence focus
Part 3 Thought groups
E How often do the vowel rules work? 173
Track listing for Student Audio CD 174

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