Better English Pronunciation - J.D. O Connor

Название: Better English Pronunciation.

Автор: J.D. O'Connor.


   This is the new edition of a highly successful and widely used text on pronunciation. It provides a systematic and thorough introduction to the pronunciation of English to help intermediate and more advanced students improve their production of the spoken language. After a short introduction to pronunciation problems the author explains how the speech organs work; he then deals with each sound separately before dealing with words in combination, rhythm-patterns and intonation. Practice material is given at intervals throughout the book.
   The particular difficulties of the speakers of certain other languages are noted, and remedial exercises provided. A recording of all the practice material in the book is available on cassettes.

Better English Pronunciation - J.D. O'Connor

    The purpose of this book is very simple: to help you, the reader, to pronounce English better than you do now. Millions of foreign students want to learn English as well as they can; for some it is only a matter of reading and writing it, and they will find no help here. But many students want to be able to speak English well, with a pronunciation which can be easily understood both by their fellow-students and by English people, and it is for them that this book is specially intended.
Written English and spoken English are obviously very different things. Writing consists of marks on paper which make no noise and are taken in by the eye, whilst speaking is organized sound, taken in by the ear. How can a book, which is nothing but marks on paper, help anyone to make their English sound better? The answer to this is that it can't, not by itself. But if you will co-operate, and listen to English as much as you can, along the lines that I shall suggest to you, then you will find that the instructions given in the following pages will make your ears sharper for the sound of English and when you can hear English properly you can go on and improve your performance.

- Foreword to the second edition
- 1 Problems in pronunciation
- 2 How the speech organs work in English
- 3 The consonants of English
- 4 Consonant sequences
- 5 The vowel of English
- 6 Words in company
- 7 Intonation
- Conversational passages for practice
- Answers to exercises
- Appendices
- Glossary

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