Blackbeard s Treasure - Jenny Dooley

Название: Blackbeard's Treasure.

Автор: Jenny Dooley.


"Сокровища черной бороды" - пираты, приключения ...When the men were all looking at the treasure, something like a black shadow came to the top of the stairs... It stayed back in the darkness of the stairs until the men moved the chest to their boats... No one could see it but the shadow was really a ghost that looked like a pirate... No one could see him, but it was Blackbeard and the treasure was his to watch...

Blackbeard's Treasure - Jenny Dooley

It was a dark and quiet night near the port, where all of
the pirate ships stay before they sail. There were no lights
on the street, and the only sounds were the laughing and
singing behind the closed door of a bar called The Blue
Dolphin. A man wearing a black pirate hat opened the door
of the Blue Dolphin. He had a black patch over one eye and
a scar on one side of his face. Everyone suddenly became
quiet. A sailor at the bar asked the barman:
"Who's that?"
"That is Captain Pike, the greatest pirate in all the
world. They say he's stolen from the Queen of England,
the King of France and the King of Spain."
Captain Pike walked slowly around the tables looking
closely at each man with his cold, grey eye. He had a very
serious and cold way of talking.

Chapter 1 Captain Pike 7
Chapter 2. Blackbeard's Treasure 10
Chapter 3 The Queen Anne 15
Chapter 4 Blackbeard's True Love 18
Chapter 5 The Wrong Chest 23
Chapter 6 Rum Island 29
Chapter 7 Queen Hanzani's Story 33
Chapter 8 The Face in the Moon 39
Chapter 9 The Circle of Fire 42
Chapter 10 Blackbeard's Peace 47

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Скачать - Книгу - Blackbeard's Treasure - Jenny Dooley -

Скачать - Книгу - Blackbeard's Treasure - Jenny Dooley -
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