Speaking Naturally - Bruce Tillitt, Mary Newton Bruder

Название: Speaking Naturally

Автор: Bruce Tillitt, Mary Newton Bruder.


Communication skills in American English. Self-study. The Student's Book focuses on a language function, such as requesting information, thanking, complimenting, and inviting, while readings explain the cultural rules students need to know to communicate naturally and effectively. Structured exercises, as well as freer role plays, often involve pairs or small groups, and encourage interaction in the classroom.

Speaking Naturally - Bruce Tillitt, Mary Newton Bruder

Recent trends in ESL/EFL curriculum design and pedagogy have stressed the importance of teaching communicative strategies and the functional use of language. Speaking Naturally is designed to do just that: teach students how to perform certain language functions in English by presenting the social rules for language use.
Because native speakers acquire these rules as part of growing up, they do not need to make conscious reference to them as adults. Second language learners, however, need information about sociolinguistic rules that may differ from those in their own culture. We have found in the writing and testing of the materials that there is often disagreement about rules, depending on one's native region, sex, age, and so on. If you disagree with any of the sociolinguistic rules presented in the text or feel that they need modification, point this out to your students and discuss the differences.

1. Openings and closings;
2. Introductions and address systems;
3. Invitations;
4. Thanking people and replying to thanks;
5. Apologizing;
6. Expressing anger and resolving conflict;
7. Giving compliments and replying to compliments;
8. Getting people’s attention and interrupting;
9. Agreeing and disagreeing;
10. Controlling the conversation;
11. Getting information.

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