New Cutting Edge - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher s book - Cunningham S., Moor P., Barker H.

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Название: New Cutting Edge - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's book.

Автор: Cunningham S., Moor P., Barker H.


   New Cutting Edge Pre-lntermediate is aimed at young adults studying general English at a pre-intermediate level and provides material for approximately 120 hours of teaching. It is suitable for students studying in either a monolingual or multilingual classroom situation.

New Cutting Edge - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's book - Cunningham S., Moor P., Barker H.

The New Cutting Edge Pre-lntermediate Teacher's Resource Book consists of three sections:
-an Introduction and some Teacher's tips on:
- helping students with pronunciation
- working with lexical phrases
- making the most of the mini-dictionary
- making tasks work
- responding to learners' individual language needs
- using the Study ... Practise ... Remember! and Mini-check sections
-Step-by-step teacher's notes for each module, including alternative suggestions for different teaching situations (particularly for tasks), detailed language notes and integrated answer keys
-a photocopiable Resource bank, including learner-training worksheets, communicative grammar practice activities and vocabulary extension activities.
The teacher's notes section is cross-referenced to the Resource bank and the Workbook.

New Cutting Edge Elementary Teacher's Resource Book gives teachers everything they need to use the course successfully in a variety of teaching situations.

When people say that you speak good English, very often they are reacting to your pronunciation - this is very important in creating a confident first impression as a speaker of a foreign language. Although most students today are learning English for communication in an international context (so the perfect reproduction of British vowels, for example, is not essential), a high frequency of pronunciation errors can make students hard to understand, and listeners, whether native speakers or not, may just switch off. Setting high standards for pronunciation, even if you are not aiming for native-speaker-like production, will help to achieve the right kind of comprehensibility.

Купить книгу New Cutting Edge - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's book - Cunningham S., Moor P., Barker H.

Купить книгу New Cutting Edge - Pre-Intermediate - Teacher's book - Cunningham S., Moor P., Barker H.

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