English Pronunciation in Use - Elementary - Marks J.

Название: English Pronunciation in Use - Elementary.

Автор: Marks J.


    The best-selling English Pronunciation in Use is a comprehensive reference and practice book suitable for self-study or classroom work. Fifty easy-to-use units cover all aspects of pronunciation, including individual sounds, word stress, connected speech and intonation. Each unit is supported by audio material in a range of accents, available on audio CD. An additional reference section offers a glossary of specialized terms, help with the pronunciation of numbers and geographical names and fun exercises on phonemic symbols and minimal pairs.

English Pronunciation in Use - Elementary - Marks J.

There arc 50 two-page units in the book. Each unit is about a different pronunciation point. Section A (Units 1 to 27) is about how to say and spell individual sounds, and groups of sounds together Section В (Units 28 to 32) is about joining sounds to make words. Section С (Units 33 to 43) is about pronunciation in phrases and sentences. Section D (Units 44 to 50) is about pronunciation in conversation. The left-hand page of each unit has explanations and examples, and the right-hand page has exercises (except Units 49 and 50).

To the student 5
To the teacher 7
Map of contents 9
Section A Sounds and spelling
How many letters, how many sounds? Spelling and pronunciation 10
2 Pizza for dinner /i:/and/i/ 12
3 A spoonful of sugar /u:/ and /o/ 14
4 Father and mother la:/ and /л/ 16
5 A dog in the corner /D/and/o:/ 18
6 Bread and jam /e/and/ж/ 20
7 My birthdays on Thursday /з:/ 22
8 Here and there /la/and/ea/ 24
9 Have a great time! /ei/, /ai/ and /oi/ 26
10 Old town /oo/and/au/ 28
11 Pack your bags /pi and /b/ 30
12 Twenty days It/ and /d/ 32
13 Cats and dogs /k/and/g/ 34
14 November the first /i/and/v/ 36
15 Both together /8/and/d/ 38
1 6 /£'s the wrong size, isn't it? /si and /z/ 40
17 Fresh fish, usually / /I and /3 / 42
1 8 Chips and juice It JV and /ёз/ 44
19 My hungry uncle /m/, In/ and /rj/ 46
20 How many hours? /h/ 48
21 That's life! N 50
22 What terrible weather! Ixl SI
23 What's the news? /w/ and /j/ 54
24 Sunglasses or umbrella? Consonant groups in the middle of words 56
25 Train in the rain Consonant groups at the beginning of words 58
26 Pink and orange Consonant groups at the end of words 60
27 Last week Consonant groups across words 62
Section В Syllables and words
28 One house, two houses Syllables 64
29 Wait a minute - where's the waiter? Strong and weak vowels 66
30 Single or return? Stress in two-syllable words 68
31 Begin at the beginning Stress in longer words 70
32 Where's my checklist? Stress in compound words 72
Section С Phrases, sentences and grammar
33 Phrases and pauses Reading aloud 74
34 Speak it, write it, read it Linking words together 1 76
35 Me and you, you and me Linking words together 2 78
36 Take me to the show, Jo Rhythm 80
37 Hey, wait for me! Strong and weak forms 1: Pronouns 82
38 And what's his name? Strong and weak forms 2: Possessives, conjunctions, prepositions 84
39 There's a spider Strong and weak forms 3: Articles, comparatives, 'there' 86
40 Who was that? Strong and weak forms 4: Auxiliary verbs 88
41 They're here! Contractions 90
42 It's George's birthday Pronouncing -s endings 92
43 / looked everywhere Pronouncing past tenses 94
Section D Conversation
44 Nor half past two, half past three Intonation for old and new information 96
45 And suddenly ... Intonation in storytelling 98
46 Really? That's amazing! Being a good listener 100
47 / know when it is, but not where Important words in conversation 1 102
48 Finished? I've just started! Important words in conversation 2 104
49 No, thanks, I'm just looking Intonation in phrases and sentences 1 106
50 Fine, thanks Intonation in phrases and sentences 2 108
Section E Reference
Chart of phonemic symbols 110
E2 Guide for speakers of specific languages 111
E3 Sound pairs 113
E4 From spelling to sound 127
E5 The alphabet 130
E6 Pronouncing numbers 132
E7 Pronouncing geographical names 135
E8 Homophones 137
Key 138
Acknowledgements 166

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