Beginning PHP4

Beginning PHP4.


   This book is a complete tutorial in PHP's language features and functionality,beginning with the basics and building up to the design and construction of complex data-driven websites. Fully working examples in the book include a directory-style web search engine, a mailing list management, a web based file editor.
  Anybody who knows HTML can use this book, if you've done any programming, that will be useful, but it's not a requirement.
Authors: Wankyu Choi, Allan Kent, Chris Lea, Ganesh Prasad, Chris Ullman

Beginning PHP4


Chapter 1: Installation
Chapter 2: Writing PHP Programs
Chapter 3: Getting Data from the Client
Chapter 4: Decision Making
Chapter 5: Loops and Arrays
Chapter 6: Organizing Your Code
Chapter 7: Handling and Avoiding Errors
Chapter 8: Working With the Client
Chapter 9: Objects
Chapter 10: File and Directory Handling
Chapter 11: PHP Database Connectivity
Chapter 12: Retrieving Data from MySQL Using PHP
Chapter 13: Manipulating Data in MySQL Using PHP
Chapter 14: XML
Chapter 15: e-Mail Handling
Chapter 16: Generating Graphics
Chapter 17: Case Study - A URL Directory Manager

Appendix A: ODBC
Appendix B: PHP Functions

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