The Infographic Guide to Grammar, Kern J., 2020

The Infographic Guide to Grammar, Kern J., 2020.

   English grammar is difficult to grasp thanks to its many layers of rules. That’s where this book can help—it will lay out the basic rules of grammar (along with tricks to help you avoid common mistakes) in fifty easy-to-understand infographic spreads. With The Infographic Guide to Grammar, you will learn all about subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, interjections, complements, punctuation, and more. You'll also discover the right way to use commonly confused words, like there/their/they're, and find out what clauses are and how to use them. This book will help you understand the how and why behind English grammar, giving you more confidence in your writing and speaking.

The Infographic Guide to Grammar, Kern J., 2020

Apostrophes can be confusing when it comes to family names.

Are you talking about something that several people collectively own? Use an apostrophe after (not before) the “s” that makes the word plural.
The Smiths9 car is there.

Are you sending holiday greetings? Do not use an apostrophe; use the plural form of your name.
With love, from the Smiths.

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