Architecture, Архитектура, Ушанова Н.П., 2023

Architecture, Архитектура, Ушанова Н.П., 2023.

   Учебно-методическое пособие содержит профессионально-ориентированные тексты и систему лексических и текстовых упражнений, направленных на формирование профессиональной иноязычной компетенции обучающихся.
Для обучающихся бакалавриата всех технических и математических УГСН, реализуемых НИУ МГСУ.

Architecture, Архитектура, Ушанова Н.П., 2023

Read the text for comprehension, give the title to the text, render it.
The term “Eclecticism” draws its roots in Ancient Greek philosophy. In Greek, “eklektikós” means choosing what seems to be the greatest. After Plato and Aristotle, Greek philosophers attempted to merge various ideas to expand their philosophical apparatus.

The custom of intellectual interlacing came to the fore, although calling someone eclectic was not considered to be a compliment. In this regard, architectural eclecticism is a 19th and 20th-century style that consists of a combination of elements from preceding historical styles to generate an idiosyncratic form. These elements can include structural features, decorative motives, traditional cultural motifs, furniture, and distinct historical ornament or styles from foreign lands.

UNIT 1. Eclecticism.
UNIT 2. Modern.
UNIT 3. Architecture of the post-revolutionary period.
UNIT 4. Innovative technologies in architecture.
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