Videos Worth Sharing, Business, Мишуненкова О.В., Захарова Е.В., 2023

Videos Worth Sharing, Business, Мишуненкова О.В., Захарова Е.В., 2023.

   Учебно-методическое пособие предназначено для студентов бакалавриата всех направлений в качестве дополнительного материала к базовой программе по английскому языку и повышения мотивации к его изучению. Пособие содержит подборку наиболее актуальных и интересных видеоматериалов, отражающих современные тенденции в деловом мире. Видеоматериалы дополняются лексическими заданиями и темами для обсуждения, способствующими развитию коммуникативных навыков и критического мышления. Особый акцент делается на формирование! и развитие у студентов навыков ораторского искусства.

Videos Worth Sharing, Business, Мишуненкова О.В., Захарова Е.В., 2023

Answer the questions below. Give your reasons.
1. Is the speaker enthusiastic? Why do you think so?
2. Does the speaker deliver a persuasive speech? Why/why not?
3. Is the speech organized logically? Is it easy to follow?

Comment on the following statements.
Try to be persuasive, relaxed, creative but make your speech structured, concise and succinct. Speak off the top of your head. You have 1 minute to speak.
1. There’s no such thing as a dream job. Dream jobs do not exist.
2. We learn about ourselves through practice, not theory.
3. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
4. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle” (Steve Jobs).

1.1 Matt Beeton: What Do All Great Leaders Have In Common?.
1.2 Lars Sudmann: Great Leadership Starts with Self-Leadership.
1.3 Raymond Dalio: How to Build a Company Where the Best Ideas Win.
1.4 The Biggest Mistake a Leader Can Make.
2.1 Bill Gross: The Single Biggest Reason Why Start-ups Succeed.
2.2 Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos: We Are Our Choices at Princeton 2010.
2.3 Kim Perell: The Secret to Success: It’s Not What You Think.
2.4 Knut Haanaes: Two Reasons Companies Fail and How to Avoid Them.
3.1 Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation.
3.2 Dan Ariely: What Makes Us Feel Good about Our Work?.
3.3 Celeste Headlee: Don’t Find a Job, Find a Mission.
4.1 Chris Strouthopoulos: How to Build Trust and Create Open, Successful Teams.
4.2 Ricardo Fernandez: Managing Cross Cultural Remote Teams.
4.3 Tom Wujec: Build a Tower, Build a Team.
4.4 Adriana Girdler: Team Bonding Activities [Fun and Fast].
5.1 Henri Arslanian: How FinTech is Shaping the Future of Banking.
5.2 Neha Narula: The Future of Money.
5.3 Shivani Siroya. A Smart Loan for People with No Credit History (yet).
6.1 Warren Buffett’s Inspiring Speech.
6.2 Darren Ross: Popsicle Moments: Finding a New Flavor of Customer Service.
6.3 Kristen Berman: Don’t Listen to Your Customers — Do This Instead.

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