Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with Answers, Haines S., 2012

Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with Answers, Haines S., 2012.

   This book aims to extend your vocabulary knowledge and to introduce ways of studying vocabulary which will help you succeed in Cambridge English: Advanced, also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). Particular attention is given to language chunks, such as collocations and idioms. These make your written and spoken language more effective and improve your understanding of listening and reading texts. The exam practice sections increase your awareness of the ways you will need to use your vocabulary knowledge in the Cambridge English: Advanced examination.

Cambridge Vocabulary for Advanced with Answers, Haines S., 2012

Wanted in Africa.
Life in Cairo is both daunting and exhilarating. With a population of more than 17 million, Egypt’s capital city is one of the most vibrant and complex cities in the world. Skyscrapers and five-star hotels loom over the River Nile, ancient mosques fill even the most westernised neighbourhoods and a millennium of Islamic architecture competes for space with 4,000-year-old Pharaonic monuments.

Downtown living has its ups and downs and it is more affordable than many of the more westernised areas of Cairo. However, central Cairo isn’t ideal for kids: good secondary schools are expensive and will involve a lengthy commute. In addition, food must be bought in grocery stores and a few overpriced vegetable markets, rather than supermarkets. Good nightclubs are also scarce. Possibly the best nightlife is the streets themselves, which bustle with life until the early hours of the morning. For expats who want to immerse themselves in an Arabic-speaking world, Islamic Cairo is only a ten-minute drive east of the city centre.

Map of the book.
Cambridge English: Advanced Exam summary.
Unit 1 Cities.
Unit 2 Personal history.
Unit 3 The arts.
Unit 4 Migrations.
Risking it.
Unit 5 Test one.
Unit 6 Gender issues.
Unit 7 Education.
Unit 8 Health.
Unit 9 Getting about.
Unit 10 Moods.
Test two.
Unit 11 Fame and fortune.
Unit 12 Relationships.
Unit 13 Time off.
Unit 14 Media.
Unit 15 The world of work.
Test three.
Unit 16 Economics and business.
Unit 17 The living world.
Unit 18 Personal contact.
Unit 19 Environment.
Unit 20 Science and technology.
Test four.
Appendix 1 Writing.
Appendix 2 Spelling.
Appendix 3 Speaking Part 1 questions.
Appendix 4 Prefixes and suffixes.
Appendix 5 Word families.
Recording scripts.
Answer key.

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