New Millennium English, 6 класс, Деревенко Н.Н., Жаворонкова С.В., Козятинская Л.В., 2006

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New Millennium English, 6 класс, Деревенко Н.Н., Жаворонкова С.В., Козятинская Л.В., 2006.
Фрагмент из книги:
I went to the Amazon jungle in South Africa. I went with my grandfather. He likes travelling very much. We saw crocodiles, kangaroos, monkeys and once we met a real tiger. It was very hungry and wanted to have me for lunch, but I jumped in the water and swam away. We went swimming and fishing in the Amazon, we hunted zebras and giraffes and of course we took a lot of photos. There are a lot of cocoa trees there and we ate a lot of chocolate every day. I liked the hippos most. They are very clever, fast animals. It was fun to ride a hippo. And there was no school, no homework, liked it there.

New Millennium English, 6 класс, Деревенко Н.Н., Жаворонкова С.В., Козятинская Л.В., 2006

I can read English books.
Read and answer the questions.
• What is this book about?
• Would you like to read this book? Why? / Why not?

A young boy, Jim Hawkins, lives near the sea with his mother and father. One day.
Billy Bones comes to live with them, and from that day things arc different. Billy watches the sea and the ships He is afraid. But what — or who is he afraid of?

Very soon, Jim understands. Billy has a map. And a lot of people are interested in that map. Jim gets the map and looks for the treasure. He meets a lot of very dangerous people. He meets Long John Silver, a man with one leg. and Jim and Long John Silver go far across the sea in a ship called the Hispaniola to “Treasure Island".

UNIT 1 Summer is fun!.
UNIT 2 Reading? It’s great!.
UNIT 3 What fun!.
UNIT 4 The English world.
UNIT 5 Christmas and New Year.
UNIT 6 Looks count.
UNIT 7 Spooky stories.
UNIT 8 Keep fit and healthy.
UNIT 9 Caring and sharing.
UNIT 10 Have a nice journey!.
UNIT 11 Be nature-wise.
Information gap exercises.
Грамматический справочник.
Список слов.

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