English, 7 класс, Karpiuk O.

English, 7 класс, Karpiuk O.

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When you learn a language, you have to learn different tenses.
While revising or learning a tense form try to think about:
a) the 3 basic forms of any tense: positive (розповiдна), negative (заперечна) and interrogative (питальна);
b) two other important questions:
• Is the tense form the same for all persons (I, you, he, we, etc)?
• Are there any irregular verbs?

English, 7 класс, Karpiuk O.

Read and say if it is true or false.
1) The children are together to speak about their first radio programme.
2) John's idea is to speak about something unusual.
3) The prize of the interschool competition is a travel to London.
4) Mary's idea is to speak about the members of the English Bridge group.
5) The radio programme 'We Are Different’ will be about the things that make people different.
6) Chris agrees that they have chosen a good theme for the programme.

Imagine you are one of the participants of the situation above.
Complete the sentences below. Express your own ideas.
1) I think we can speak about...
2) Let’s choose...
3) We need...
4) Why don’t we speak about...
5) I mean that...
6) In my opinion,...
7) I suppose...

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