Introduction to International Legal English, Krois-Lindner A., Firth M.

Introduction to International Legal English, Krois-Lindner A., Firth M.

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Most universities now offer language courses for lawyers, and in some countries these courses are compulsory. Some courses in legal English focus on the study of Anglo-American legal systems and associated terminology. Others offer a more practical introduction to the language skills lawyers will need during their future careers.

Introduction to International Legal English, Krois-Lindner A., Firth M.

A career in law.
The study of law is intellectually stimulating and challenging, and can lead to a variety of interesting careers.

In the UK and the USA, law degree programmes usually take three years to complete. In the UK, these programmes typically include core subjects such as criminal law, contract law, tort law, land law, equity and trusts, administrative law and constitutional law. In addition, students are often required to take courses covering skills such as legal writing and legal research.

There is also a variety of optional (elective) courses available. Since many law students go on to become lawyers, students often take courses that will be useful to them during their future careers. Someone wishing to run a small partnership or to work alone as a sole practitioner in a small town may decide to take subjects such as family law, employment law and housing law. Those wishing to work in a large law practice will consider subjects such as company law, commercial law and litigation and arbitration.

Unit 1 A career in law.
Unit 2 Contract law.
Unit 3 Tort law.
Unit 4 Criminal law.
Unit 5 Company law.
Unit 6 Commercial law.
Unit 7 Real property law.
Unit 8 Litigation and arbitration.
Unit 9 International law.
Unit 10 Comparative law.
Unit 10 Language Focus page.
Additional material page.
Case study 1: Contract law page.
Case study 2: Company law page.
Case study 3: Litigation and arbitration: an employment law case page.
Audio transcripts page.
Answer key page.
Glossary page.

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