Keynote 1, Student’s Book, Bohlke D., 2017

Keynote 1, Student's Book, Bohlke D., 2017.

   Featuring remarkable people communicating passionately and persuasively, TED Talks provide inspiring ideas and an unparalleled source of authentic language. Keynote invites learners to explore lifechanging stories for a deeper understanding of the world, developing the confidence and skills needed to express themselves powerfully and proficiently in English.

Keynote 1, Student's Book, Bohlke D., 2017

A simple solution.
Answer the questions. Check all answers that apply.
1 Which aims of Global Handwashing Day are mentioned in the passage?
to teach people about the importance of handwashing
to make people use less water when they wash their hands
to make handwashing part of everyone’s routine.

2 Which benefits of handwashing with soap are mentioned in the passage?
Children miss fewer days of school because they’re healthier.
It prevents us from catching diseases from animals.
It stops us spreading diseases to babies.

3 According to the passage, what is challenging about getting people to wash their hands?
Habits are hard to change.
People often ignore advice about health.
People don’t trust their governments.

Scope and Sequence.
Welcome to Keynote!.
1 Passions.
2 Spending Habits.
3 Career Paths.
Presentation 1.
4 Talents.
5 Technology.
6 Challenges.
Presentation 2.
7 Confidence.
8 Wild Places.
9 Achievements.
Presentation 3.
10 Creative Cities.
11 Picture Perfect.
12 Healthy Habits.
Presentation 4.
Communication Activities.
TED Talk Transcripts.
Grammar Summary.

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