Alice s Adventures in Wonderland, 6 класс, A reader for Spotlight, Lewis C.

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 6 класс, A reader for Spotlight, Lewis C.

   Alice and her older sister are sitting by the river on a hot afternoon when Alice sees a White Rabbit. He is very worried because he is late. Alice follows the White Rabbit into a rabbit hole. She falls and falls for a very long time. When she gets to the bottom, she is in a strange new world where very funny things happen. She meets talking animals and birds, and some very strange people. She eats magic cakes and drinks magic drinks. Some of these make her smaller, and some of them make her bigger. She has tea with a March Hare and a mad Hatter, and plays croquet with the King and Queen of Hearts. Life in Wonderland is magical, but very, very strange. How can Alice get home again?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 6 класс, A reader for Spotlight, Lewis C.

The White Rabbit.
Alice was hot, bored and sleepy. She didn’t have anything to do. She sat* by the river, waiting for teatime. Her older sister was also there, reading a book. Alice looked at the book. It was very boring, because there weren’t any pictures in it.

Just then, a white rabbit with pink eyes ran* past Alice, and she heard* it say, “Oh dear! I’m very late!” The rabbit took a watch out of its waistcoat pocket, looked at it and started to run even faster. “A rabbit with a waistcoat and a watch!” thought* Alice. “That’s very strange.”

She stood up and followed the rabbit. It ran across a field and went through a little door in a tree. Alice went through the door, too.

The Author, Background, the Plot.
The Characters.
1 The White Rabbit.
2 The Tiny Door.
3 The Pool of Tears.
4 A Strange Race.
5 Alice Grows Again.
6 The Duchess and the Pig.
7 The Mad Tea Party.
8 The Queen of Hearts.
9 The Mock Turtle.
10 The Trial.
Irregular Verbs & Glossary.

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