Learn Italian in a Hurry, Filippo S., Michael P., 2007

Learn Italian in a Hurry, Filippo S., Michael P., 2007.

   We live in an era of E-ZPass highway lanes, instant messaging, and even microwave pizza. In the spirit of these hyperactive times, then, here are some great ways to speak Italian quickly and effectively while divertendoti (amusing yourself).

Learn Italian in a Hurry, Filippo S., Michael P., 2007

Now that you’ve learned your ABCs, you’re probably dreaming of sitting in an olive grove, sipping Chianti, nibbling on pecorino cheese, and writing love poetry in Italian. Becoming the next Petrarca will take more than just fancy words and lots of passion. You’ll need orthographic marks and punctuation too! Orthography is the representation of the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols, usually accent marks. Punctuation marks are those dots, dashes, and squiggles that denote pauses, questions, and other patterns of speech. While you may not use all of these on a regular basis, being able to refer to them in Italian will get you that much closer to captivating your Laura (Petrarca’s heartthrob and the lucky recipient of his 365 love poems, one for every day of the year). Refer to the following table for a list of segni d’interpunzione (punctuation marks).

01/Beginning Italian.
Learn Your ABCs and How to Pronounce Them.
Consonants and Vowels.
When to Stress and When Notto Stress.
Numbers and Counting.
Italian in English, English in Italian.
The Best Way to Learn Italian.
02/Building YourVocabulary.
Greetings and Good byes.
Mark Your Calendars.
Telling Time.
The Family.
Describing Things and People.
Blueprint of aSentence.
Person, Place, or Thing.
Articles: Definite and lndefin~e.
Two Essential Verbs: Essere and Avere.
First -Conjugation Verbs (-are Verbs).
Second-Conjugation Verbs (-ere Verbs).
Third-Conjugation Verbs (-ire Verbs).
Future Tense.
AQuick Look at the Subjunctive.
04/Putting ItAI!Together.
Express Yourself: Feeling Verbs.
Idiomatic Expressions.
05/Getting Around and Being Yourself, Wherever.
You Are!.
Coming and Going.
Passports and Itineraries, You're on Your Way!.
Planes, Trains, and Boats.
Sightseeing Tips and Terms.
Museums, Theatre, and Art.
Survival Phrases and In Case of an Emergency.
Appendix A: Italian to English Dictionary.
Appendix B: English to Italian Dictionary.

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