Total English, Advanced, Workbook, With Key, Clare A., Wilson JJ., 2007

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Total English, Advanced, Workbook, With Key, Clare A., Wilson JJ., 2007.

   Total English is a new course for young adults and adults. It provides solutions to the challenges teachers and students face every day with a complete package of effective, easy-to-use resources.

Total English, Advanced, Workbook, With Key, Clare A., Wilson JJ., 2007

The old age hoax.
A little old man walks the fields of Vilcabamba, Ecuador. His skin is wrinkled from exposure to the sun, and his legs move slowly, steadily. As the sky turns red, he puts down his ancient tools and walks across the valley to the mud hut that he calls home. He is 140 years old.

Hard to believe? Well, Methuselah lived to be 969, according to the Bible. And, according to some, there are communities - the people of Vilcabamba, the Abkhazians of Georgia, the Hunza of Pakistan - which contain large numbers of centenarians, those lucky people who live to be 100.

1 Challenges.
2 Community.
3 Tales.
4 Progress.
5 Fortunes.

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