The Facts On File Dictionary of Allusions, Manser M.H., 2009

The Facts On File Dictionary of Allusions, Manser M.H., 2009.

   The Facts On File Dictionary of Allusions builds on the earlier volume of the Facts On File Dictionary of Classical and Biblical Allusions, doubling the content to provide a comprehensive reference to allusions in the En glish language. Entries have been selected not simply because they are wellknown events, places, people, phenomena, etc., but also because they have generally acquired some wider linguistic signifi cance, conveying a par tic u lar message beyond a mere reference. This method of selection distinguishes this volume from other references on the same subject, including other dictionaries of allusions as well as more expansive (but less focused) works such as Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.
Allusions in this volume are drawn from a wide range of sources, including Shakespeare and the Bible; Greek, Roman, Norse, and other types of mythology; literary texts from all ages; historical events; and pop u lar culture, including fi lm and tele vi sion.

The Facts On File Dictionary of Allusions, Manser M.H., 2009

Aaron’s serpent (airanz) Something that is so powerful it easily consumes lesser beings or entities. The allusion is to Exodus 7:8–12 and to aaron’s rod, which turned into a serpent and devoured the rods of his Egyptian enemies after they too had turned into serpents. Like Aaron’s serpent, the new conglomerate has swallowed up virtually all the smaller companies that were once its rivals.

academia (akadeemeea) The academic world. The word comes from the Greek Akademeia, the name of the public garden (with a grove) in Athens where the phi los o pher Plato instructed his pupils toward the end of the fourth century b.c. The grove in turn was named after the legendary hero Academus. In modern usage students may still be said to toil in the groves of academe. Other words from the same root include academy, academe, and academic. The announcement has sent a ripple of concern through academia.

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