Webster s New Dictionary of Synonyms, 1984

Webster's New Dictionary of Synonyms, 1984.
WEBSTER'S NEW DICTIONARY OF SYNONYMS is newly edited and entirely reset but based upon Webster's Dictionary of Synonyms, which rapidly became a favorite book among readers and writers who wish to understand, appreciate, and make nice discriminations in English words that are similar in meaning. The earlier book filled a widespread need for a work devoted to synonymy with accessory material in the form of word lists of various kinds. The editors of this new and revised edition have rewritten and sharpened the discriminations, have increased the number of articles, and have more than doubled the number of authors quoted. Particular attention has been given to updating the quotations so that they accurately reflect today's English.

Webster's New Dictionary of Synonyms, 1984

abash discomfit, *embarrass, disconcert, faze, rattle Ana fluster, flurry, *discompose, perturb, disturb, agitate: chagrin, mortify (see corresponding adjectives at ASHAMED): confound, dumbfound, nonplus (see PUZZLE)
Ant embolden: reassure

aberrant atypical, *abnormal
Ana divergent, *different, disparate: *irregular, anomalous, unnatural: *exceptional: singular, peculiar, odd, strange, eccentric
Ant true {to a type) —Con *usual, wonted, customary: normal, *regular, typical, natural.

Introductory Matter.
Survey of the History of English Synonymy.
Synonym: Analysis and Definition.
Antonym: Analysis and Definition.
Analogous and Contrasted Words.
Explanatory Notes.
A Dictionary of Discriminated Synonyms.   
Appendix: List of Authors Quoted.

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