Everyday English for Nursing, Grice T., 2003

Everyday English for Nursing, Grice T., 2003.

   This book will supplement the programmes mentioned above, and will be essential for those who receive no employer support with language familiarisation. Nurses who have achieved the required IELTS standard and those from EU countries will also find it useful. It is above all a practical book - as the author says, it could be stuffed into a bag for study on the bus on the way home; - particularly appropriate for those who have many other pressures of living and working in a new country. Its greatest strength is that it works through recognisable situations across the whole spectrum of nursing, and the exercises cover a range of issues from emergency care, through nursing procedures and medical conditions, to talking about death and dying. At the same time, the examples provide an insight into the working of the NMS. current nursing Issues, career development, and the multicultural society that is the UK today.

Everyday English for Nursing, Grice T., 2003

Working conditions and the crisis.
Nurses working in the NHS say that the present crisis is not Just a matter of pay but a 1st* of working conditions and job satisfaction. Overcrowding in the hospitals, they say. is preventing them from doing their jobs properly and is sometimes even putting patients at risk.

Describing the situation at her hospital, one nurse said. The number of patients has been rising and, partly because of the nurse shortages, there are fewer beds. Patients become backed up in A&-E and it is very, very common to see every corridor full of people waiting on trolleys -the department is often full to overflowing. Nearly 60% of the hospital's admissions arrive as emergencies - and almost always they have to wait on trolleys before a bed becomes free. Then, for those who need further hospital care, there is often a long wait before they can be moved to an in-patient ward. Last Monday, for example, 14 people were stuck in A&E waiting for a bed. Some had been waiting for the whole weekend.

Because of the demand for surgical beds, hospital stall have difficult decisions to make about who to get ready for surgery, and there is a daily risk of cancellations.

Part 1 The National Health Service in the UK.
1. The problem.
2. Foreign nurses and the NHS.
3. Nursing in the UK.
Part 2 Records and notes.
4. The need for good records.
5. Mrs Roberta Blackwood - attempted suicide.
6. Ms Ethel Partridge - diabetes.
7. Paul Marston - head injury.
8. Accidents and emergencies.
9. Pain and pain management.
10. Mrs Pauline Greene - colostomy.
11. Mr Satawar Hussein - angina.
12. Mr Bob Jameson - dehydration.
13 Mrs Pauline Dobson - dementia.
14. Discharge from hospital.
15. Mr Albert Jones - HIV and drug abuse.
Part 3 Talking and listening.
16. About communicating with patients.
17. Conversations in UK standard English.
18 Conversations in UK regional dialects.

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