New Total English Intermediate, Workbook with key, Clare A., Wilson J., Cosgrove A., 2011

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New Total English Intermediate, Workbook with key, Clare A., Wilson J., Cosgrove A., 2011.

Фрагмент из книги.
But a memory pill raises ethical questions too. Research tells us that the pill would be used not only by ill people, but also by people who just wanted to remember everyone's name at parties, or the laziest students. Is this fair on poorer students who couldn't afford the pill? Would businesses start asking their workers to take pills so that they performed better? Would we divide quiz shows into two types: contestants with brain pills and contestants without?

New Total English Intermediate, Workbook with key, Clare A., Wilson J., Cosgrove A., 2011

Jim's blog.
I've just spent a year as a volunteer in Uganda. And it has made a huge difference to my life. I had lived a very quiet life in England. I had never left the country, never been on a plane even. And suddenly there I was on a plane, landing at Entebbe Airport in 40 degrees. I was met by an old priest, and then taken into the bush. It was quite an amazing change - not like anything I had ever experienced in England.

In fact, at the beginning I was very homesick and I just wanted to go back to England, to my friends and family and the life I knew so well. But very quickly I became completely absorbed in what I was doing and by what 1 was able to offer. People had so little there, and I was able to contribute something. It completely changed my life.

1. Friends.
2. Media.
3. Lifestyle.
4. Wealth.
5. Free time.
6. Holidays.
7. Learning.
8. Change.
9. Jobs.
10. Memories.

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