Oxford Basic American Dictionary, 2011

Oxford Basic American Dictionary, 2011.

   Beyond being a look-up tool, dictionaries can play an important role in our learners" vocabulary development. By highlighting the 2000 most important and useful words to learn in English, the Oxford Basic American Dictionary helps (earners identify key words they need in their everyday active vocabulary Thanks to clear labeling within dictionary entries, words on the Academic Word List or words related to various content areas {for example science words, math words) are clearly marked so that learners can build their academic vocabulary too.

Oxford Basic American Dictionary, 2011

ac • count 1 / əˈkaʊnt / noun [count]
1 an arrangement with a bank that lets you keep your money there
I deposited the money into my account. to open an account.

Word building.
There are two main types of bank account. If you have a checking account, you can take your money out at any time by using a check or an ATM card (= a card that you put into a machine, which gives you money).
A savings account lets you keep your money in the bank to use later. You receive extra money, called interest, for keeping your money there.

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