Everyday English, Дроздова Т.Ю.

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Everyday English, Дроздова Т.Ю.
When people in the US have a company or when they’re invited to formal or informal get-togethers, they usually make a point of trying to make others feel comfortable and relaxed. On the whole, they tend to be informal.

Everyday English, Дроздова Т.Ю.

George Meadows, the master of a prosperous farm, was then a man of fifty, and his wife was a year or two younger. Their three daughters were lovely and their two sons were handsome and strong. They were merry, industrious and kindly. They were happy and deserved their happiness. But the real master of the house was not George, it was his mother. She was about 70, tall, with grey hair and though her face was wrinkled, her eyes were dark, bright and shrewd.

I knew the story of George’s mother and his uncle, whose name was also George. About fifty years ago uncle George and his younger brother Tom had both courted Mrs Meadows when she was Emily Green. George was a goodlooking fellow, but not so steady as his brother, that's why Emily chose Tom. George had gone away to sea for twenty years. Now and then he sent them presents. Then there was no news of him. When Tom died Mrs Meadows wrote George about it but they never got an answer and decided that he must be dead...

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