Культура Великобритании и США, Спиридонова А.В., Таюрская Н.П., 2010

Культура Великобритании и США, Спиридонова А.В., Таюрская Н.П., 2010.

   Пособие включает тематический словарь, аутентичные тексты, лексические и речевые упражнения по темам «Живопись», «Музеи и картинные галереи», «Музыка», «Времена года и погода», «Человек и окружающая среда», «Книги и чтение». В пособии широко используются реалии, характерные для культуры Великобритании и США; включены лексические упражнения, подобранные по принципу нарастания языковых трудностей, диалоги, анекдоты, дополнительная информация. Пособие предназначено для студентов, изучающих английский язык.

Культура Великобритании и США, Спиридонова А.В., Таюрская Н.П., 2010

About the Weather. Introductory Reading and Talk.
The naughtiest thing in the world is the weather. It's like a capricious woman who always does the opposite to what you ask her.

When you want to go for a picnic in the open air you ask the skies to remain clear and the day to be fine. Nervously you switch on the radio and listen to the weather forecast. You tremble with joy to hear that it'll stay warm and dry with bright sunshine, and moderate breeze. Your imagination draws a hot summer afternoon and yourself saying: 'Nice weather we are having today!' You take a lot of food and no warm clothes, go to the countryside but... do not get anything sunny.

You get it cloudy and cool with intermittent drizzle which ends with a thundery shower. The sky is so heavily cast with clouds, the downpours follow one another with such frequency, the rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning are so frightening that you've got no illusions left. You throw away the food and go back hungry and angry. And when you are already approaching your home soaked to the skill it suddenly brightens up. Oh, Goodness!

1. About the Weather. Introductory Reading and Talk.
2. Dialogue “At the Meteorological Observing Station”.
3. The Weather in Everyday Speech.
4. The Weather Forecast.
5. A Thunder Storm.
6. Before the Storm.
7. Snow-bound.
8. A Rainy Day in an Inn.
9. Additional Bits of Information.
10. Proverbs and expressions.
11. The seasons.
12. Dialogue “About the Seasons”.
13. Which Season Do You Like Best?.
14. Spring.
15. Winter.
16. Chita in Winter.
17. Additional Bits of Information.
18. Proverbs and Expressions.
1. The Environment.
2. The Environment: Problems and Solutions.
3. Ecological Problems of a Big City. London.
4. How Can We Contribute to Solve the Rubbish Problem?.
5. Man and Environment.
6. Environmental Pollution.
7. Air Pollution Affects Everyone.
8. Soil pollution.
1. The Book.
2. The Book-Bag.
3. On Reading.
4. Detective Stories.
5. «For Most People Books Are an Escape from Real Life».
6. My Favorite Woman Character in Fiction.
7. The University Library.
8. Library Services.
1. What is art?.
2. The taxonomy of arts.
3. Painting and drawing.
4. A Great Painting Enriches Our Experience of Life.
5. «Rain, steam and speed - the great western railway» by W. Turner.
6. W. S. Maugham “The Moon and Sixpence”. Chapter XLVIII.
7. British artists.
8. Creative Hunger.
1. Vocabulary and exercises.
2. A visit to an art gallery.
3. London Art Galleries.
4. Museums in Wales.
1. Vocabulary and exercises.
2. English Architecture.
3. Inigo Jones and Christopher Wren.
4. Дом на Волхонке.
Section VII. MUSIC.
1. Vocabulary and exercises.
2. Music is the Universal Language of Mankind.
3. At the Opera House.
4. Music in Britain.
5. Sir Edward Elgar.
6. Shake, Rattle and Roll in the USA.
7. How to become a star.
8. Stage and screen.
9. The movie business.
10. Horror films.
11. Block-buster films.
12. Cartoons.
13. Reward Intern@tive Exercises.

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