Collins English Grammar and Composition 8, Samson Thomas, Preeti Roychoudhury

Collins English Grammar and Composition 8, Samson Thomas, Preeti Roychoudhury.
   Collins English Grammar and Composition is a carefully graded series spanning eight levels, which aims to enable learners to master the rules of the English language. Recent developments in cognitive psychology suggest that effective learning depends on a relaxed learning atmosphere, a combination of discovery learning and direct instruction, and a variety of tasks to suit the major learning styles. This series takes these insights into account to facilitate effective intervention in the teaching-learning of English grammar at the word, sentence and discourse levels.

Collins English Grammar and Composition 8, Samson Thomas, Preeti Roychoudhury

Identify the error in each sentence and correct it.
1. All life are sound and fury signifying nothing.
2. A bouquet of flowers, a shawl and a photo album is given as gifts to the guest,
3. The major theme of the school magazine, apart from the sub-themes, are ‘An Eco-friendly School’.
4. Have Smrithi returned from her piano lessons?
5. Even heavier than these are the blue suitcase.
6. Seldom have my father lost his temper.
7. One of my good friends are visiting us today.
8. Either Anuradha or Manyata are performing in this year’s theatre production.

Underline the phrases in these sentences.
1. Monica parked her car in front of the gate.
2. Amina marinated the chicken with ginger, garlic and vinegar.
3. On Sunday afternoons, Deb likes playing cricket.
4. The lady with long hair looks glamorous.
5. Richard, the eldest son, is a doctor.
6. Flying high in the sky, the kite was free.
7. The painter liked to observe people.
8. I enjoy taking long walks.

1. Nouns.
2. Pronouns.
3. Adjectives.
4. Determiners.
5. Articles.
6. Verbs.
7. Agreement of Subject and Verb.
8. Non-Finite Verbs.
9. Modals.
Test 1.
10. The Present Tense.
11. The Past Tense.
12. The Future Tense.
13. Adverbs.
14. Prepositions.
15. Conjunctions.
16. Direct and Indirect Speech.
17. Active and Passive Voice.
18. Phrases and Clauses.
19. Relative Clauses.
Test 2.
20. Sentences.
21. Conditional Sentences.
22. Transformation of Sentences.
23. Synthesis of Sentences.
24. Punctuation.
25. Grammar on the Go.
26. Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.
27. Words: A Mixed Bag.
Test 3.
28. The Three Photographs.
29. You Are Old, Father William.
30. My Experiments with Truth.
31. Rikki Tikki Tavi.
32. Kamala.
33. The Two Brothers.
34. The Sorting Hat Spider.
35. Paragraph Writing.
36. Essay Writing.
37. Letters, Emails, Messages.
38. Notices.
39. Report Writing.
40. Advertisements.
41. Book Review.

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