Читай и говори по-английски, выпуск 15, Вахмистров В.В., Лыско С.Д., 1979

Читай и говори по-английски, Выпуск 15, Вахмистров В.В., Лыско С.Д., 1979.

   «Читай и говори по-английски» — сборник, содержащий интересные рассказы, шутки, пословицы и поговорки на английском языке, а также упражнения по развитию разговорных навыков, в книге много интересных и веселых тематических рисунков, кроссвордов, шарад, ребусов, которые также помогут в изучении английского языка, в конце книги помещены решения кроссвордов, ребусов, шарад и англо-русский словарь, охватывающий весь текстовой материал.
Предназначается для широкого круга читателей, знающих или изучающих английский язык.

Читай и говори по-английски, Выпуск 15, Вахмистров В.В., Лыско С.Д., 1979

I have a good old friend who lives in a small house on the seashore near the town and port of B.
When I get my leave I sometimes go to see him and stay with him for a few days.

We usually get up early, take his old boat and go fishing. Very often we boat far into the sea, and stay there till dinner time. My friend knows a lot of fish stories and I like to listen to them as they are very interesting.

Here is one of them.
Many years ago a young Englishman fell in love with a pretty girl and wanted to marry her. About two months before their marriage the young man who served in London was sent to New York on very important business.

Part I.
What They Wanted.
It Isn't the First Time.
A Way Out.
An Expensive Breakfast.
He Knew the Name.
Economy Wasted.
The| Letter Box Key.
Honesty Is the Best Policy
He Was Afraid.
The Clever Poor Man.
Henry Hudson.
Why Was She Angry?.
Only a Fish Bone. ».
The Island Of Iona
A Good Finder.
On "Do’s and Don’ts" In Greetings and In Addressing People.
A Broken Vase.
A Dentist and His Patient.
Mistakes Will Happen.
At a Border Station.
Smart Guy.
A Modest Maid.
The Policeman and the Thief.
The Unhappy Men.
Forks and Fingers.
Haydn's First Opera.
A Clever Wife.
How Larry Helped His Friend.
English end American.
Gibraltar Saved By Apes.
Bruce end the Spider.
A Healthful Climate.
Wrong Pronunciation
A Prince and the Horses
Part II.
Maria Kutuzova.
My Watch. After Mark Twain.
Mother and Son.
In a Country Inn. After Jerome К. Jerome.
The Jumping Frog. After Mark Twain.
While the Auto Waits. After 0, Henry.
The Duel. After N. Tikhonov.
In the Kingdom of Penguins. After V. Peskov.
The Story Of Keesh. After Jack London.
The Sources of Heroism. After Ilya Ehrenburg.
Grandma’s Story.
The Bridge Under the Water. After K. Simonov.
Because She Was a Negro Woman.
A Dog. Part I. After Mark Twain.
A Dog. Part II. After Mark Twain.
The Filipino and the Drunkard. Part I. After William Saroyan.
The Filipino and the Drunkard. Part II. After William Saroyan.
The Young Border-Guard. Part I. After O. Henry.
The Young Border-Guard. Part II. After O. Henry.
Англо-русский словарь.

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