Английский язык, Направление Металлургия, Россихина О.Г., 2009

Английский язык, Направление Металлургия, Россихина О.Г., 2009.

   Цель учебно-методического пособия - дальнейшее развитие у студенток основных навыков владения иностранным языком - чтения, перевода» письма и говорения - в сфере их профессиональной деятельности, а также развитие умения аннотировать научно-техническую литературу по металлургии и делать презентации.
Соответствует программе курса по научно-техническому переводу.
Предназначено для студентов старших курсов и магистров металлургических специальностей, а также для всех, чья работа связана с техническим переводом.

Английский язык, Направление Металлургия, Россихина О.Г., 2009

Don't hold your breath on this, but the blast furnace may finally be on its way out. After 600 years of faithful service and after outliving many predictions of its demise, the big iron making furnace now may be giving way to new processes.

Making replacement more likely is the proliferation of the new systems. All the major industrial nations nowadays can use coal based-direct steel process and direct reduction of iron ore must be established on a production basis. New ways are being found to melt scrap.

Meanwhile, the problems of the blast furnace are certainly increasing. The blast furnace is undoubtedly too big. too costly and loo inflexible for modem steel operations. In today's environment, the coke battery is definitely an endangered species.

All this is true, but much of it must have been true 30 years ago. when direct reduction triggered a rush of blast furnace obituaries. These were premature, and the blast furnace could confound detractors today. But we should realise the difference between the two situations. In 1955, direct reduction was at the stage of promising research, while today it has replaced 25 million tons of blast furnace capacity.

Unit 1 Mikhailovsky Mine Introduces a New Rotation Technology.
Unit 2 New Scrap-Based Steelmaking Process Predominantly Using Primary Energy.
The blast furnace faces a new onslaught.
Unit 3 Essential materials science for design engineers.
Unit 4 Laser Technology: from Macro to Nano.
Unit 5 The effects of alloying.
Unit 6 Industrial Development and Global Warming.
Unit 7 Rockets. Buses and Motorbikes-the Use of Stainless Steels in Fuel Cell Technology.
Unit 8 Slag: Clean Steel's Dirty Partner.
Unit 9 Ten Tips for Creating a Career that Lights Your Fire.

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