Английский язык, 8 класс, Лапицкая Л.М., 2016

Английский язык, 8 класс, Лапицкая Л.М., 2016.

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The UK is a real attraction for tourists. It’s full of beauty and contrasts, ranging from the Northwest Highlands and Grampian Mountains of Scotland to the lowlands in the south and east of England and along the coast elsewhere in the UK.
Its landscape is extremely varied, so everyone will find something they will enjoy. There are grassy plains, beautiful wi de and narrow valleys and purple heathery moorlands covering the mountains, velvet (бархатные) hills, thick (густые) forests, picturesque lakes and marvellous beaches.

Английский язык, 8 класс, Лапицкая Л.М., 2016

The longest, the highest, the deepest.
Make a web page about UK’s extremes. First listen, read and answer: Which of the facts are the most surprising for you?
We can hardly (едва ли) find great distances ['distonsiz] in the UK, as it is an island country. It is small, lovely, cosy, varied and extremely attractive. It is full of beauty.

Compare it with the world’s geography. The largest of the British Isles - Great Britain - is about 230,000 sq km. The world’s largest island Greenland is 2,176,000 sq km. It means that Greenland is almost ten times as large as Great Britain. The longest mountain range - the Andes - is 9,000 km long. It is sixty times as long as the Cambrian Mountains in Wales, which are 150 km long.

The rivers in Britain are not very long either. But of course they are not so short as the Haolai ^haiou'lai] River in China and they are not as narrow as this river. The Haolai River is almost twenty times shorter than the Thames. The total (полная)

length of the Haolai River is about 17 km and its average depth is about 50 centimetres. Usually, it is a bit more than 10 cm wide. The narrowest part is only a few centimetres. You can put a book on it as a bridge. Therefore it is also called the Book Bridge River. Experts are surprised that this narrow river is like (как) any natural river. They also proved (доказали) that the Haolai River has been flowing (течет) for more than 10,000 years.

Unit 1. About the UK.
Unit 2. School is not only learning.
Unit 3. Meals.
Unit 4. Money.
Unit 5. Britain and Belarus round the Calendar.
Unit 6. Very traditional Britain.
Unit 7. Music.
Unit 8. There’s no life without books.
Unit 9. Cinema.
Grammar reference.
Irregular verbs list.

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