Project explore 3, Teachers book, White Lynne

Project explore 3, Teachers book, White Lynne.

   Project Explore is a five-level course aimed at international English language students aged 10-14/15 years old.
The course combines the tried and trusted, successful methodology and structure from previous editions of Project with 100% brand-new content from a new author team. It offers clearly structured, bright, dynamic lessons, and exciting newcharacters and stories.
Project Explore engages students with its diverse, motivating topics and realistic, relatable contexts. It systematically develops students' linguistic and 21 st Century skills, to help prepare them for the world beyond school.

Project explore 3, Teachers book, White Lynne

Learn through English.
Additional subject notes.
Detective stories: Often a mix of crime and mystery fiction these are among the books that are most successful in print. Generally a police officer or detective investigates a crime, follows the clues and finds the evidence to catch the criminal. In English, the most famous detective writer is Agatha Christie, with her detectives Jane Marple and Hercule Poirot. Christie wrote 75 novels, 28 collections of short stories and 16 plays. Only the Bible and Shakespeare have surpassed her sales.

Drama: In this genre the writer focuses on relationships between the characters and how these develop. Generally there is an element of romance, and the characters show their emotions. Often the characters have to overcome difficulties like illnesses, family problems, money problems and so on.There is generally a 'happy ending'where all the problems are resolved and the relationships are successful.This is a very popular genre among all age groups.

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