Hiligaynon Dictionary, Motus C., 1971

Hiligaynon Dictionary, Motus C., 1971.

The Philippines series of the PALI Language Texts, under the general editorship of Howard P. McKaughan, consists of lesson textbooks, grammars, and dictionaries for seven major Filipino languages.

Hiligaynon Dictionary, Motus C., 1971

The orthography in this dictionary is more phonetic than Hiligaynon orthography in published materials. Although words which are obviously borrowed from Spanish or English retain their Spanish or English spelling, the rest of the Hiligaynon entries have been presented in a three-vowel-system with the hope that the pronunciation of these entries, even at first sight, will be more like a native speaker’s production. The /'/ is the glottal stop which is marked only in the medial and final positions in this book. The sound occurs also in the initial position of words which begin with vowels, but is left unmarked in this position as a matter of convention.

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