Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies, Maxom M.

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Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies, Maxom M.

   I have been teaching English for many years now and I have found it an entirely rewarding experience. I have met the most fascinating people and had a hand in helping others reach their goals. My goal in this book is to help you enjoy TEFL too by giving you the confidence and know-how to get a job and deliver effective, engaging lessons.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language For Dummies, Maxom M.

Having them test themselves.
One kind of test that’s really useful for giving you a head start before you even meet the student, is a self-assessment test in which you get the student to analyse how good she is at various aspects of the language, usually by rating herself from 1-5 or by completing sentences.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘If the student can’t speak English, how can she complete the test?’ Well, if all your students come from the same language base, you can fairly easily organise a test in their mother tongue. You can make the test visual by using pictures of different situations in which they may use English (listening to lectures, using the phone and so on) and ask students how comfortable they are in those situations. Rating systems with smiley faces and frowning faces help to convey the point. Set the test out so that it goes from really easy to gradually more difficult and the students can stop when the questions get too tough.

Part I: Getting Started in TEFL.
Chapter 1: Discovering the Wonderful World of TEFL.
Chapter 2: Looking at What TEFL Teachers Actually Do.
Chapter 3: Examining Courses, Qualifi cations and Jobs.
Part II: Putting Your Lesson Together.
Chapter 4: Starting from the Beginning: Planning the Lesson.
Chapter 5: Standing in the Spotlight: Presenting to the Class.
Chapter 6: Holding the Reins and Letting Them Loose – Giving Students Practice.
Chapter 7: Giving Correction and Feedback.
Chapter 8: Being Materialistic! Using Course Books and Other Materials.
Chapter 9: Who’s The Boss around Here? Managing Your Classroom.
Part III: Teaching Skills Classes.
Chapter 10: Taken as Read: Teaching Reading Lessons.
Chapter 11: Write or Wrong? Teaching Writing Lessons.
Chapter 12: What Accent? Teaching Pronunciation.
Chapter 13: Setting Their Tongues Wagging: Speaking and Discussion.
Chapter 14: In One Ear, Out the Other: Learning To Listen.
Part IV: The Grammar You Need to Know – and How to Teach It.
Chapter 15: Stop Press! Student to Deliver Sentence.
Chapter 16: Feeling Tense? Sorting Out Verb Tenses.
Chapter 17: Exploring More Important Verb Structures.
Part V: What Kind of Class Will I Have?.
Chapter 18: Putting Students to the Test.
Chapter 19: Getting Specifi c: Teaching Just One Student and Business English.
Chapter 20: Getting Youth on Your Side: Coping with Younger Learners.
Chapter 21: Making the Grade: Handling Exam Classes.
Chapter 22: Distinguishing Monolingual and Multi-lingual Classes.
Part VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Liven Up an English Lesson.
Chapter 24: Ten Great Resources for TEFL Teachers.
Appendix A: Lesson Plan Templates.
Appendix B: TEFL Locations around the World.

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