English for Sports Studie, Study guide, Liashenko I.V., 2020

English for Sports Studie, Study guide, Liashenko I.V., 2020.

   English for Sports Studies examines the concept of professional competency development, which aims at assisting in deepening the learning process to harmonize the work of all standard components on the need for specific skills for future professional situations. The study guide follows the modern language methodology in ESP as communicative language tasks for professional situations according to the actual demands of sports jobs. A wide range of professional literacy development tasks, including communicative skills and critical thinking development, create whole-brain knowledge and offer great flexibility and help to speed language acquisition, which is precious for analytical skills of future professionals.

English for Sports Studie, Study guide, Liashenko I.V., 2020

The main parts of the body are the head, the neck, the trunk and the limbs (extremities). There are more than 230 bones of different sizes and shapes in the skeleton. The bones are connected together by the cartilages, the ligaments (tendons) and joints. The joints allow the bones to move.

The main part of the head is called the skull. The bones of the skull are composed of cranial and facial parts. The skull encloses the brain.

The forehead, the temples, the cheeks, the cheekbones, two jaws and the mouth compose the face. The teeth and the tongue are lodged in the mouth. One chews food with the teeth and tastes food with the tongue. The lips are the two margins of the mouth. We see with the eyes, breath and smell with the nose and hear with the ears.

The neck connects the head with the trunk. It contains the cervical vertebrae, the pharynx, the larynx and important vessels and nerves.
The trunk consists of the spine (spinal column vertebral column, backbone), the chest, the pelvic bones and the abdominal cavity.

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