Really useful english idioms, D Arey Adrian-Vallance, 2008

Really useful english idioms, D'Arey Adrian-Vallance, 2008.

   Do you want to understand and use more idioms in English? With over 130 of the most common idioms used in English today, Really Useful English Idioms will help you use idioms to talk about many things.

Really useful english idioms, D'Arey Adrian-Vallance, 2008

All kinds.
Anger, happiness, love, hate, fear, boredom - whatever you feel, there’s an idiom to put it into words. And if something doesn’t excite you at all, you can say, it leaves me cold.

You can express moderate feelings such as I’m on edge (which is how you might feel before making a speech or having a tooth out), or Strong feelings, such as, I was bored to death. I was worried to death. I was scared to death.

Getting started.
1 People.
Types of people no rocket scientist • dark horse party pooper.
Brains and beauty turn heads • full of yourself lost for words.
Larger than life the man in the street • larger than life in the flesh.
TWins couch potato • dirty word • on the go pain in the neck.
2 Emotions.
All kinds leaves me cold• on edge • (-ed) to death.
Laughter in stitches • keep a straight face burst out laughing.
Happiness on top of the world • over the moon on cloud nine.
Road rage see red • what got into him • lost it.
Broken heart head over heels • break someone's heart pick up the pieces.
3 Social relations.
Party! push the boat out • small talk • hit it off A good friend be there for • see eye to eye • give and take What to say take a rain check • fingers crossed • on me People at work have a soft spot for at each others throats • breath of fresh air.
4 Dating and romance.
She likes me! In your dreams. • no way play hard to get.
Gossip going steady • he’s/she’s history • get a life! Drop-dead gorgeous drop-dead gorgeous have a thing about • pop the question Love at First sight love at first sight sweep someone off their feet • only have eyes for Dating dilemma pick up the tab • go Dutch play it by ear.
5 Life situations.
Lottie’s diary in the same boat • Mr Right get your act together.
In hot water hot water • in your shoes * off the hook Country life life in the fast lane • rat race fish out of water.
Team on a roll keep your head above water • on a roll put your feet up.
6 Conversation.
A film scene two-timing • put your foot in it kick yourself.
Can you keep a secret? That would be telling, spill the beans • let the cat out of the bag Opinions You’re telling me. • You can say that again, hit the nail on the head.
Believe me! pull someone’s leg • have someone on pull the other one.
Hot ears to say the least • get it straight • on Earth.
7 Thinking and learning.
Predictions that’ll be the day • on the cards • safe bet touch and go.
Memory tie the knot • take some doing • slip your mind Pronunciation golden rule • get the hang of just like that.
Listening make head nor tail of • from scratch • have a go Fear of flying cut no ice • carry weight • take to heart.
8 Action.
Sleepy burglar piece of cake • take your time catch someone red handed.
Action hero by the book • turn the tables • in the thick of Sports idioms score an own goal • touch base the gloves are off.
Losing weight do the trick • step on it • miss the boat Job on the line soft touch • on the line • on top of.
9 Work and business.
Business success make a killing • make ends meet get off the ground.
Job interviews off the cuff • think on your feet make up your mind.
B.l.G. in the red in the red/black • feel the pinch on a shoestring.
A new job find your feet • in at the deep end sink or swim.
Big fish big fish • on board • minds eye.
10 That’s bad!.
Bad things below the belt • sit on the fence mind your own business Bad or not? cut corners • around the clock pull strings • turn a blind eye.
Poison up in arms • thumbs down • get out of hand Embarrassing! break the ice • fall flat • split their sides Kiss and tell kiss-and-tell • call the shots days are numbered.

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