Complete First for Schools, Workbook without answers, Souza N., 2019

Complete First for Schools, Workbook without answers, Souza N., 2019.

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Complete First for Schools, Workbook without answers, Souza N., 2019

A dog is for life.
Every year the number of dogs bought increases during the festive period, as many people see them as an ideal present for their loved one. It is true, that for the right person and environment they can make a fantastic gift, one that can be loved and looked after every day. Unfortunately, however, a lot of them can also soon become an unwanted gift, and animal charities have recently reported a significant increase in the number of dogs abandoned just after the New Year. According to some campaigners, this issue is getting worse and not better, mainly as a result of social media. Social media sites are used by celebrities and others to display their dogs online without mentioning any of the responsibilities that are involved in looking after these pets. This has led to other people wanting to purchase dogs and show them off in their online posts and photographs. People doing this have also been assisted by it being easier to buy dogs over the internet. Understandably, therefore, animal charities are once again reminding people to think before they buy a dog as a gift. In this article we will look at some of the things which should be considered before purchasing a dog as a present.

Before choosing to invest in a dog, you must first consider whether you have enough time, money and energy for one. Puppies, in particular, can be very demanding at first and, more significantly, you will need a great deal of energy and patience to teach them. Puppies are brand new to the world and will need to be taught how to behave around people and objects. Don't be surprised if they try to tear up your carpets initially, or chew on your favourite pair of shoes.

1 A family affair.
2 Leisure and pleasure.
3 Happy holidays?.
4 Food, glorious food.
5 Study time.
6 My first job.
7 High adventure.
8 Dream of the stars.
9 Secrets of the mind.
10 On the money.
11 Medical matters.
12 Animal kingdom.
13 House space.
14 Fiesta!.

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