Connect, Workbook 1, Richards J.C., Barbisan C., Sandy C.

Connect, Workbook 1, Richards J.C.., Barbisan C., Sandy C.

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Look at the picture in Part 1. Answer the questions. If the answer is no, give the correct information.
1. Is the movie theater on E Street?
2. Is the department store next to the movie theater?
3. Is the drugstore between the bank and the department store?
4. Is the restaurant across from the department store?
5. Is the parking lot behind the movie theater?

Connect, Workbook 1, Richards J.C., Barbisan C., Sandy C.

Look at the picture. Then circle the correct words to complete the sentences.
1. The bank is (between / in front of) the newsstand and the restaurant.
2. The drugstore is (behind / on) Maple Street.
3. The bus stop is (across from / in front of) the department store.
4. The movie theater is (next to / between) the department store.
5. The parking lot is (on / behind) the bank.
6. The school is (across from / next to) the park.

Number the sentences in the correct order.
Bored? Well, go swimming or play volleyball.
Hello, Jim. How are you?
But I’m tired, too. I’m tired and bored.
Oh, hi, Lisa. I’m bored.
OK. Go to a movie. There’s a good movie at the new movie theater.
Good idea. Let’s go together.

Unit 1 Back to school.
Lesson 1 Classmates.
Lesson 2 Hello.
Lesson 3 After school.
Lesson 4 Names.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 2 Favorite People.
Lesson 5 Teachers and friends.
Lesson 6 Favorite stars.
Lesson 7 Birthdays.
Lesson 8 E-pals.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 3 Everyday Things.
Lesson 9 What a mess!.
Lesson 10 Cool things.
Lesson 11 Favorite things.
Lesson 12 Where is it?.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 4 Around Town.
Lesson 13 At the movies.
Lesson 14 Downtown.
Lesson 15 At the mall.
Lesson 16 Any suggestions?.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 5 Family and Home.
Lesson 17 My family.
Lesson 18 Family reunion.
Lesson 19 My new city.
Lesson 20 At home.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 6 At School.
Lesson 21 The media center.
Lesson 22 Around school.
Lesson 23 School subjects.
Lesson 24 Spring Day.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 7 Around the World.
Lesson 25 People and countries.
Lesson 26 Nationalities.
Lesson 27 Holidays.
Lesson 28 Important days.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.
Unit 8 Teen Time.
Lesson 29 Favorite places.
Lesson 30 Talent show.
Lesson 31 School fashion.
Lesson 32 Teen tastes.
Get Connected.
Check Yourself.

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