Speakout Starter 2nd, Reading&listening extra with key, 2016

К сожалению, на данный момент у нас невозможно бесплатно скачать полный вариант книги.

Но вы можете попробовать скачать полный вариант, купив у наших партнеров электронную книгу здесь, если она у них есть наличии в данный момент.

Также можно купить бумажную версию книги здесь.

Speakout Starter 2nd, Reading&listening extra with key, 2016

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Speakout Starter 2nd, Reading&listening extra with key, 2016

Lucy Greene.
Today is a special day. My grandmother Amy is 70 years old! All the family is here. My grandfather Alfred. Grandmother’s two sisters, Emily and Dawn, and their husbands, Graham and Stewart. Their children are here too. Anne and James are Emily’s daughter and son, Kim is Dawn’s daughter. Kim is here with her baby, Jessie, and her husband, Bill. Anne is here with her husband Jerry and James is here with his wife, Deborah, and their two sons, Mark and William. My mum, Diana, and my dad, Rob, are here of course, with me, and my two brothers, Jacob and Ben. It’s so good to have three generations of the family all together for this special birthday!

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