Английские артикли, практикум, Рушинская И.С., 2012

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Английские артикли, Практикум, Рушинская И.С., 2012.

   Данный практикум имеет цель ознакомить студентов с основными случаями употребления артиклей в современном английском языке и предназначен для групп углубленного изучения английского языка в неязыковом вузе.

Английские артикли, Практикум, Рушинская И.С., 2012

Guided Study Practice.
EXERCISE I. Account for the use or no use of articles in the following sentences.
1. Presently the Browns arrived and brought with them a small child, a governess and a dog. 2. A (the) boy rushed into the room. 3. They were sent to a (the) conference in May. 4. As we stood on the steps, we felt the smell of fallen leaves coming from the garden. 5. 1 did not want to show the anger I felt. 6. Yesterday I felt friendship and sympathy for Harry, but today he has become an enemy. 7. Life goes on, changeless and ever changing. 8. They could not travel without (the) cars there. 9. Tom said, “You take things too seriously”. But 1 answered, “The things aren’t going very well at the firm”. 10. It’s the most unpleasant thing you’ve ever told me. — Yes, it is a most unpleasant thing, but we have to consider it after all. 11. We shall take a (the) road going through the forest. 12. All children like ice-cream. 13. Mr. Brown is such a tactful person. I can’t believe such things about him. 14. The only person who took a very grave view of the present situation was my mother. It seemed to be the wrong way to go about it, but it was the very thing my mother could do. 15. Could I have another cup of tea? 16. Her brothers could not make good friends with (the) other men. 17. At the corner of the street, there shone the lighted windows of a (the) club. 18. I knocked at door number thirty-two. Then I knocked at the door numbered thirty-three. 19. I made an attempt to smile. 20. He fought the desire to answer back. 21.The idea that he can be of no use made him unhappy. 22. I had a growing feeling that time was running out. 23. At the Moscow Olympics our team won most of the gold medals. 24. A man under such circumstances is always very helpless. 25. Bees gather honey from flowers. 26. The (a) cuckoo is a lazy bird.

A Word to Students.
List of the Special Terminology Used.
Introduction to the English Article.
Unit A.
General Guidelines for the Use of the English Article.
Unit В.
The Grammatical Use of the English Article.
Section One. The Use of Articles with Countable
Common Nouns.
Section Two. The Use of Articles with Uncountable
Common Nouns.
Section Three. The Use of the Zero Article
and Omission of the Article with Common Nouns.
Section Four. The Use of Articles with Proper Nouns.
Section Five. The Use of Articles with Nouns Modified by Attributes.
Section Six. Special Cases in the Use of Articles.
Unit C.
The Traditional Use of the English Article.
Unit D.
Guided Study Practice.
Keys to the Exercises.

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