Smiles, Teacher’s Book for Kazakhstan Grade 3, 2017

Smiles, teacher's Book for Kazakhstan Grade 3, 2017.


Smiles 3 is a course specially designed to introduce young learners to the English language.The syllabus is based on graded structures and vocabulary enabling the pupils to use English effectively and ensuring that they enjoy themselves while learning. All four skills (listening, speaking, leading and writing) are developed through a variety of communicative tasks and key language is recycled regularly. Smiles 3 is ideal for young learners as it encourages active, holistic and humanistic learning, thus developing a keen interest in the English language. Smiles 3 comprises 8 modules. Each module consists of seven lessons. It is aimed at pupils who come under the category of Al, Basic User.

Smiles, teacher's Book for Kazakhstan Grade 3, 2017

7 Read and complete.

Pupils' books closed. Say, then write: / visited my friend yesterday, Underline the words in bold. The pupils repeat, chorally and/or individually. Explain that this is the past simple and we use it to talk about actions in the past that happened at a specific time. Explain that we add -ed at the end of the verb. Elicit the spelling rules for visit, stop, study, ploy and like. Present the rest of the persons in the same way, as well as the negative and interrogative forms and the short answers. Point out that in the interrogative and negative form, the main verb remains the same. Pupils' books open. Go through the Study spot section briefly. Explain the activity. Allow the pupils some time to complete it. Check their answers.

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