Еnglish plus grade 9, workbook, Hardy-Gould J.

Еnglish plus grade 9, workbook, Hardy-Gould J.

Answer the questions. Write complete sentences.

What are there often protests against?
There are often protests against wars and unpopular politicians.
1 What is the latest craze with your friends?
2 What is your favourite gadget? Why?
3 Who do you think is an icon?
4 What is the best invention ever, in your opinion? Why?
5 Where are there wars at the moment?

Еnglish plus grade 9, workbook, Hardy-Gould J.

Present simple and continuous.
Choose the correct words.

Look! It snows /('s snowing) outside.
1 'Are you busy now?' 'No, I don't do / 'm not doing anything.'
2 They always stay / are staying in the same hotel when they go on holiday
3 We don't like / aren't liking romantic films.
4 Where's Jon?' 'He tidies / 's tidying his room/
5 This TV programme is good. Do you enjoy / Are you enjoying it?
6 How often does she go/is she going shopping?
7 Please stop talking! I listen /'m listening to my new Katy Perry CD.
8 What do you eat/are you eating every lunchtime at school?


Unit 1 Hobbies and qualities.
Unit 2 Execrise and sport.
Unit 3 Earth and our place in it.
Unit 4 Charities and conflict.
Unit 5 Reading for pleasure.
Unit 6 Traditions and language.
Unit 7 Music and film.
Unit 8 Travel and tourism.
Unit 9 Science and technology.
Language focus reference and practice.
Pronunciation bank.
Expression bank.
Irregular verbs list.

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