Messgaes, Teacher’s book, level 1, Levy M., Goodey D., 2005

Messgaes, teacher's book, level 1, Levy M., Goodey D., 2005.


Welcome to Messages, a lower-secondary course providing 80-90 hours of classwork per level. Messages is designed to meet the needs of you and your students by making both learning and teaching simple and effective. It has a clearly structured progression in both grammar and vocabulary, and a wealth of opportunities for students to practise the language they are learning. We hope that students will find Messages an enjoyable, engaging course, with its clear signposting of aims, interesting and motivating themes, and a wide range of rich resources. Teachers will find it offers practical easy-to-use material that can be adapted to mixed-ability classes. Messages 1 is designed for students who have studied English previously at primary level, but includes revision of all basic structures.

Messgaes, teacher's book, level 1, Levy M., Goodey D., 2005


Students are encouraged to repeat key vocabulary and the key sentences of each presentation. In addition, new language is practised in meaningful contexts that involve an element of creativity on the part of the learner, with an emphasis on moving from accuracy to fluency. Students create and practise simple four-line dialogues, make quiz questions, invent sentences about themselves, their friends and families, and their wider environment. Speaking can also be encouraged by giving students the chance to act role plays. The aim here should be to reproduce the situation rather than the original conversation word for word. Stronger students can work in groups and act a slightly different conversation.


Map of the Student's Book
Teacher's notes and keys
Module 1 Facts
1 What do you remember?
2 Are you ready?
Module 1 Review
Module 2 Things and people
3 What have you got?
4 Descriptions
Module 2 Review
Module 3 Daily life
5 My world
6 I'm usually late!
Module 3 Review
Module 4 Inside and outside
7 At home
8 Having fun
Module 4 Review
Module 5 Today and tomorrow
9 At the moment
10 Plans
Module 5 Review
Module 6 Looking back
11 About the past
12 Heroes
Module 6 Review
Workbook key and tapescripts

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