Solutions, third edition, advanced, Stannett K.

Solutions, third edition, advanced, Stannett K.

A note from the authors.

Welcome to Solutions Third Edition. Teachers' responses to Solutions and Solutions Second Edition have been overwhelmingly positive. Solutions Third Edition has evolved, based on teacher feedback, whilst retaining the key features that teachers value in the Solutions series:
• engaging topics and texts
• a strong focus on exam topics and tasks
• a clear structure, with easy-to-follow lessons that always have an achievable outcome
• a familiar teaching and learning approach with plenty of extra practice material
• a guided and supported approach to speaking and writing

Solutions, third edition, advanced, Stannett K.

Language note: Metaphors.

A metaphor is a figure of speech that makes a comparison between two things that seem to be unrelated.The metaphor often uses an image that is very familiar or powerful to describe something that is not understood so well. When we use a metaphor, we say that one thing actually is something else, rather than saying it is like something else, e.g. All the world's a stage. In this quote from the play As You Like it, Shakespeare compares the world with a stage. Rather than saying that the world is like a stage, he says that it is a stage.

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