Objective advanced, Teacher’s book, O Dell А., Broadhead А., 2014

Objective advanced, teacher's book, O'Dell А., Broadhead А., 2014.

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Objective advanced, teacher's book, O'Dell А., Broadhead А., 2014


Introduce Unit 1 by asking students questions such as the following.
Which English-speaking country do you know the most about?
Are you curious about other countries and cultures?
To what extent is learning about countries and their cultures part of learning a language?
Generate a class discussion using these questions and establish that in order to appreciate a language fully, some knowledge of the culture of the country where it is spoken can be an advantage. However, do not spend too much time on the discussion at this point as it is important to move on to the questions in the Student's Book and establish a lively pace.

1. The aim of this Speaking section is to allow students to begin talking about themselves, and to introduce themselves to each other. It allows students to talk to the group about their own experiences and opinions, which is similar to what they will do in Part i of the Advanced Speaking test.
Put students in pairs to discuss the first question. If necessary, explain that if you get to know someone, then it means that you spend enough time with that person to become familiar with him or her. You can also get to know a place or a thing.
2. Ask the students to read the questions individually and to decide which questions might be useful in finding out about someone they don't already know. Encourage students to discuss their opinions in pairs and to guess what kind of information each question would elicit. At this point, do not ask students to answer the questions.
3. Ask students to work with a different partner. They take turns to ask five of the questions from Exercise 2. Encourage them to give full answers, not short, simple ones.


Map of the Student's boo Exam information.
Unit 1 Getting to know you.
Unit 2 Living life to the full.
Unit 3 In the public eye.
Unit 4 Acting on advice.
Unit 5 Dream jobs.
Units 1-5 Revision.
Unit 6 Connections.
Unit 7 A successful business.
Unit 8 Being inventive.
Unit 9 Urban living.
Unit 10 You live and learn.
Units 6-10 Revision.
Unit 11 Fashion statements.
Unit 12 Making decisions.
Unit 13 Colour.
Unit 14 Language.
Unit 15 In my view.
Units 11-15 Revision.
Unit 16 Who we are.
Unit 17 Rave reviews.
Unit 18 Telling the truth.
Unit 19 Do it for my sake.
Unit 20 We are what we eat.
Units 16-20 Revision.
Unit 21 Natural wonders.
Unit 22 Under the weather.
Unit 23 I really must insist.
Unit 24 News and views.
Unit 25 Intelligence.
Units 21-25 Revision.

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