New chatterbox 2, Students book

New chatterbox 2, Students book.

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Hi! I'm the Ogopogo. I live in a deep lake in the Rocky Mountains of Canada - Lake Okanagan. I’ve got cousins in lakes in Russia and Sweden, my cousin Tessie lives in Lake Tahoe in California, and there’s Champ in Lake Champlain, near New York. My cousin Nessie lives in Scotland.
Some people say I’m only a big fish. Other people say I’m not a real animal - I'm just a story. People come from all over the world to try to find me. Scientists use submarines and special cameras, and they think they can see something deep in Lake Okanagan, but they cannot find me!

New chatterbox 2, Students book

Write short answers.
Was Lady Jane Grey the Queen of England?
Does Lady Jane's ghost appear in the Theatre Royal?
Was Sir Walter Raleigh a prisoner in the Tower of London?
Is there a ghost in St Paul's Cathedral?
Does the Theatre Royal ghost wear old-fashioned clothes?

Answer the questions.
Who are the stars of 'A Grand Day Out'?
Where do Wallace and Gromit live?
What does Wallace eat for breakfast every day?
What is his other favourite food?
In 'A Grand Day Out', what is the moon made of?

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