Writing for the TOEFL IBT, 6TH EDITION, Lougheed L.

Writing for the TOEFL IBT, 6TH EDITION, Lougheed L.


This task asks for an opinion about a topic. The test taker will use personal knowledge and experience to write an essay of at least 300 words to answer the question. The test taker may write more than 300 words if time permits. The test taker has a total of 50 minutes to complete these two essays: 20 minutes for the Intergrated Task and 30 minutes for the Independent Task. Both essays must be written on the computer; they cannot be written by hand. The essays are then scored by a human rater and the e-rater, a computer program. In cases where the two scores differ greatly, a second human rater may be consulted. Each essay receives a score of 0-5.

Writing for the TOEFL IBT, 6TH EDITION, Lougheed L.


Writing for the TOEFL iBT presents step-by-step methods for completing the two tasks in the writing section of the TOEFL. By following the steps in order, your students will build new skills on top of previously developed ones. Although the activities in this book are specifically aimed at the two writing tasks in the TOEFL, your students will be learning skills that they can apply to their writing in general. They will learn how to organize their thoughts, develop their essays, and use appropriate sentence structure to express their ideas. The activities in this book are well suited for classroom use. The activities are carefully structured and can easily be completed in class. They can also be done as homework and then corrected in class.


1 Introduction.
2 Self-Test.
3 Writing Skills: Integrated Task
4 Writing Skills: Independent Task.
5 Writing Skills-Both Tasks.
6 Model Tests.
Model Essays.
Answer Key.

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