New chatterbox, Level 1, Teacher’s book, Charrington M.

New chatterbox, Level 1, Teacher's book, Charrington M.

   New Chatterbox is a three-level course for children of primary school age who are learning English for the first time. There are twelve units in the Starter level and fifteen units in Levels 1 and 2. A Level 1 unit contains materials for three lessons of 45 minutes each with additional material for extra work in class and for homework. There is also an extra project for each unit in the Photocopy Masters Book in the Teacher's Resource Pack. This provides material for one extra lesson per unit.

New chatterbox, Level 1, Teacher's book, Charrington M.

My world activities.
These pages are intended to promote and develop intercultural awareness by teaching pupils about British culture. They are introduced by three British children who are making a scrapbook with different pages showing different aspects of their lives. In the Pupil's Book the pupils see one of the British children's scrapbook pages and learn about an aspect of their lives. This is followed up in the Activity Book where pupils are encouraged to present similar aspects of their own lives and reflect on the similarities / differences between British culture and theirs. It is also important that these pages are used to develop pupils' study skills e.g. selecting, editing and drafting material before presenting a final version. The tools they will need for these activities are shown in the artwork on the PB pages and with icons after the rubrics on the AB pages. You should draw their attention to these and ensure that they understand the task, and have the materials they need before they start.

Special needs teaching notes.
Unit 1 teaching notes.
Unit 2 teaching notes.
Unit 3 teaching notes.
Unit 1-3 My world and revision game notes.
Unit 4 teaching notes.
Unit 5 teaching notes.
Unit 6 teaching notes.
Unit 4-6 My world and revision game notes.
Unit 7 teaching notes.
Unit 8 teaching notes.
Unit 9 teaching notes.
Unit 7-9 My world and revision game notes.
Unit 10 teaching notes.
Unit 11 teaching notes.
Unit 12 teaching notes.
Unit 10-12 My world and revision game notes.
Unit 13 teaching notes.
Unit 14 teaching notes.
Unit 15 teaching notes.
Unit 13-15 My world and revision game notes.
Festivals teaching notes - Christmas.
Festivals teaching notes - Easter.
Class play teaching notes.
Games bank.
Tests tapescripts and answer key.
Test 1.
Test 2.
Test 3.
Test 4.
Test 5.

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