English Grammar in Use, Supplementary Exercises, Hashemi L., Murphy R., 2019

English Grammar in Use, Supplementary Exercises, Hashemi L., Murphy R., 2019.

   English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises is for intermediate and advanced students who want extra practice in grammar, without help from a teacher.
There are 200 exercises in this new edition. Each exercise relates to a unit or units in English Grammar in Use Fifth Edition, with the unit number(s) at the top of the page. All the answers are given in the Key (pages 121-138). Some exercises ask you to use your own ideas. For these, you can check the Example answers in the Key. You can use this book if you don’t have English Grammar in Use, but for an explanation of the grammar points, you need to check in English Grammar in Use.

English Grammar in Use, Supplementary Exercises, Hashemi L., Murphy R., 2019

Choose the correct alternative.
1 My sister has been / was interested in medicine ever since she has been / she was a child.
2 How long have you studied / did you study before you have qualified / you qualified?
3 Where have you first met / did you first meet your boyfriend?
4 Is this the first time you've cooked / you cooked dinner for the whole family?
5 We’ve wanted / We wanted to go to out last night, but we haven’t had / we didn’t have any money.
6 What can we do? I'm sure something has happened / happened to Alex. We’ve been calling / We called him for over an hour and he still hasn’t answered / he still hasn’t been answering.
7 We have posted / We posted the contract to you three weeks ago. If you haven’t received / you didn’t receive it yet, please email us immediately.
8 I'm exhausted because I’ve worked / I’ve been working in a restaurant for the past three weeks. I’ve never realised / I never realised before how hard the work is!

Write sentences with used to or didn’t use to and the verbs provided.
1 I had a yacht, but I sold it when my business failed, (own)
2 I often eat olives now, although I wasn’t keen on them when I was younger, (like)
3 I seem to have lost interest in meeting new people, (enjoy)
4 My sister has started visiting art galleries since moving to Paris, (be interested)
5 Now that I’m married, I have less time for football, (play)
6 My brother had his hair cut short when he left college, (have)
7 I didn’t really see my uncle until he bought a house near ours, (live)
8 My husband had a job in Beijing before we lived here, (work)
9 I retired from the university five years ago. (teach)
10 We’ve bought bikes since we moved to the countryside, (cycle)/

To the student.
To the teacher.
1–10 Present continuous and present simple (I am doing and I do).
11–17 Past simple and past continuous (I did and I was doing).
18–22 Present and past (I do / I am doing and I did / I was doing).
23–28 Present perfect simple and continuous (I have done and I have been doing).
29–30 Present perfect simple and continuous; past simple (I have done and I have been doing; I did).
31–34 Present perfect and present (I have done / I have been doing and I do / I am doing).
35–36 Present perfect, present and past (I have done / I have been doing, I do / I am doing and I did).
37–42 Present perfect and past simple (I have done / I have been doing and I did)
43–46 Past simple, past continuous and past perfect (I did, I was doing and I had done / I had been doing).
47–51 Past simple, past continuous and used to (I did, I was doing and I used to do).
52–53 Present, present perfect and past.
54–58 The future: present tenses and will/shall (I do / I am doing and I will/shall do).
59–63 The future: present continuous, will/shall, going to (I am doing, I will/shall do and I am going to do).
64 The future: all forms.
65–66 can, could and be able to.
67–68 may and might.
69–72 can, could, may, might, must and can’t.
73–78 must(n’t), need(n’t), should(n’t) and don’t have to.
79–82 (don’t) have to, should(n’t), had better (not) and ought (not) to.
83–85 should.
86–87 Modals: review.
88–93 if I do and if I did.
94–97 if I did and if I had done.
98–99 Conditionals: review.
100–102 I wish.
103–113 The passive.
114–115 have something done.
116–120 Questions.
121–131 Reported speech and questions.
132–137 -ing and to … .
138–140 Prepositions and expressions + -ing.
141 I’m used to doing and I used to do.
142 to … and preposition + -ing (afraid to do and afraid of doing).
143 Verb forms: review.
144–148 Countable and uncountable.
149–151 a/an, some and the.
152–154 the.
155–159 Quantifiers and pronouns.
160–163 Relative clauses.
164–165 Adjectives and adverbs.
166–168 Comparatives and superlatives.
169–172 Word order.
173–175 Prepositions of time.
176–177 Prepositions of place.
178–179 Prepositions (general).
180–182 Adjective/verb + preposition.
183–200 Phrasal verbs.
Solution to Exercise 143.

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