The Tangram Puzzle Book, Goodman D., Garibi I.

The Tangram Puzzle Book, Goodman D., Garibi I.
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The Tangram is an old Chinese puzzle which consists of seven pieces. Each piece is made up of one or more right-angled isosceles triangles. In total there are 16 triangles and the objective is to assemble these pieces into a given shape.
Over the years, thousands of puzzles have been created with those seven pieces. Most of them require us to figure out the arrangement of the pieces just by looking at the silhouette of the shape.

The Tangram Puzzle Book, Goodman D., Garibi I.

The Puzzle and How to Solve It.
The silhouette given is usually a continuous shape, but there may be some shapes with empty spaces inside.

Look at the shape of the lady given below. It is easy to locate the big pieces first, which are the hat and the skirt. Next, the hands (parallelogram) are evident, as are the face (small triangle) and the legs (square). Lastly, the medium and the small triangles make up the body.

Introduction to Tangram.
Glossary of Terms.
How to Use this Book.
1. Tangram Set Puzzles.
1.1. The House.
1.2. The Rocket.
1.3. Maximum Squares.
1.4. The Hammer Head.
1.5. The Spinning Top Paradox.
1.6. Parallelograms.
1.7. The Wedge.
1.8. Complete Triangles.
1.9. The Mind Reader.
1.10. Complete Trapeziums.
1.11. The Triangle Dues.
1.12. Complete Parallelograms.
1.13. The Trapezium Paradox.
1.14. The Convex Sixteen.
1.15. The Arrow.
1.16. The Bump.
1.17. The Negative Puzzle.
2. Incomplete Tangram Set Puzzles.
2.1. Six-Piece Rectangle.
2.2. The Fifth Division — Diamond.
2.3. The Butterfly.
2.4. The Third Division.
2.5. The Six-Pointed Star.
2.6. The Return of the Fifth Division.
2.7. Poker.
2.8. A Pair of Symmetry.
2.9. The Symmetrical Balance.
2.10. Twelve-Unit Rectangle.
2.11. Twelve-Unit Trapezium.
2.12. The Other Pair of Symmetry.
2.13. Twelve-Unit Spinning Top.
2.14. 15 by 5.
2.15. Twelve-Unit Rectangle Division.
2.16. The Hexagon Paradox.
2.17. The Small Symmetry.
2.18. All-Triangle Division.
2.19. Four-Piece Squares.
2.20. Rectangles All Over.
2.21. Symmetrical Triangles.
2.22. The Maximum Four.
2.23. The Minimum Five.
2.24. Pentominoes!.
2.25. Cube Nets.
2.26. Six-Unit Division.
2.27. Four-Unit Combos.
2.28. Five-Unit Combos.
2.29. The Missing Square.
2.30. The Negative Puzzle.
2.31. The Magnificent Seven.
2.32. Symmetry All Over.
2.33. Spin or Reflect.
3. Multiple-Set Tangram Puzzles.
3.1. The Square Deal.
3.2. XL Six-Pointed Star.
3.3. The XL Square.
3.4. Max Spinners.
3.5. The Pentomino Rectangle.
3.6. The Largest Pentomino Rectangle.
3.7. The Parrot.
3.8. Square and Octagon.
3.9. Five, Six, Seven.
3.10. Seven to Eight.
3.11. The T puzzle.
3.12. The M Puzzle.
3.13. The N Puzzle.
3.14. The Pythagoras Theorem.
3.15. The Inheritance.
3.16. Square-Holed Octagon.
3.17. The Fourth Division.
3.18. The K Puzzle.
3.19. The Symmetric Duo.
3.20. The Divided Rectangle.
3.21. A Symmetric Trick.
3.22. The CL Puzzle.
3.23. Self Similarity (Part 1 – The Triangle).
3.24. Tetraboloes and a Square (Part 1).
3.25. Tetraboloes and a Square (Part 2).
3.26. Self Similarity (Part 2 – The Rectangle).
3.27. The Cover Up.
3.28. Equal Rights.
3.29. The Bat Paradox.
3.30. The Half Pyramid.
3.31. The Powerful Three.
3.32. The Mega Cover Up.
3.33. The Chair.
3.34. Self Similarity (Part 3 – The Trapezium).
3.35. The Boat Paradox.
3.36. The Four-Square Symmetry.
3.37. Looking Back.
3.38. Which Way?.
3.39. The Stop Sign.
3.40. All Different!.
4. Beyond the Tangram.
4.1. The 49/50 Paradox.
4.2. Contour Tangram Puzzles.
4.3. Tangram Battleship.
4.4. TanFrames: Triangles.
4.5. 30:60:90 Tangram.
4.6. 30:60:90 Silhouettes.
4.7. 30:60:90 Stacking Trapeziums.
4.8. The Matching Cube.
4.9. The Square Skata.
4.10. The Fishy Division.
4.11. The Chipped Triangle.
4.12. The Mitre Puzzle.
4.13. Many Folds, Single Cut.
A.1. Triboloes.
A.2. Tetraboloes.
A.3. Pentaboloes.
A.4. Pentominoes.

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