Русские фразеологизмы в картинках, Дубровин М.И., 1987

Русские фразеологизмы в картинках, Дубровин М.И., 1987.

   The Russian language is highly idiomatic. The idioms, part and parcel of the language, add immensely to its richness. Their variety is accounted for by the historical development of the Russian language. More often than not Russian idioms are a stumbling block for non-Russian speakers, as they fail to understand Russian, both written and spoken, without the mastery of a sufficient number of idioms, especially those which occur most frequently.
This book is intended primarily for English speaking students of Russian who have a knowledge of the essentials of Russian grammar and are familiar with a basic Russian vocabulary.

Русские фразеологизмы в картинках, Дубровин М.И., 1987

vybivat’ pochvu is-pod nog
To knock the ground from under someone's feet.
To deprive someone of his position or role in society; to undermine someone’s confidence in something completely; to disturb someone’s peace of mind.
Cf. To cut the ground from under someone’s feet; to take the wind out of someone’s sails.

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